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Notes on Fashion

Andrew Bolton; With Fabio Cleto, Karen Van Godtsenhoven,...

The Roof Garden Commission

Kelly Baum and Sheena Wagstaff

From Pergamon to Rome

Edited by Seán Hemingway and Kiki Karoglou

From the Early Eighteenth Century through the Revolution

Katharine Baetjer

Instruments of Rock & Roll

Jayson Kerr Dobney and Craig J. Inciardi; With essays by...

Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East

Blair Fowlkes-Childs and Michael Seymour

A Japanese Classic Illuminated

John T. Carpenter and Melissa McCormick

The Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey

Stephen C. Pinson; With contributions by Sylvie Aubenas,...

On the Threshold

Edited by Iria Candela; With essays by Emily Braun, Enrico...

The Robert A. Ellison Jr. Collection

Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Martin Eidelberg, and Adrienne...

The Body Transformed

Edited by Melanie Holcomb; With contributions by Kim...

Mirage in the Desert

Edited by Joan Aruz

The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection

Gaylord Torrence; With contributions by Ned Blackhawk and...

Art and Conspiracy

Douglas Eklund and Ian Alteveer; With contributions by...

Art, Religion, and Trade in the Middle Ages

Edited by Helen C. Evans

Sébastien Allard and Côme Fabre; With contributions by...

Nudes by Klimt, Schiele, and Picasso from the Scofield Thayer Collection

Sabine Rewald and James Dempsey

In The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jeffrey H. Munger; With an essay by Elizabeth Sullivan